Meet the PNC Arts Alive arts groups who will make the arts more accessible to diverse audiences in the Central Ohio region by offering:

  • Free and discounted arts programming.
  • Public events that introduce the arts in unexpected ways.
  • Ticket subsidy programs that will fill houses.
  • Innovative programs that engage and build young audiences.


BalletMet Columbus - "Romeo and Juliet" Inside/Outside with PNC Arts Alive

A non-traditional venue and multiple, interactive experiences to engage audiences in far more than a one-time theater performance. Experiences include live streaming of studio rehearsals, Columbus Commons open rehearsal/happy hour and interactive technology experiences in the Ohio Theatre lobby during the "Romeo and Juliet" performance.

Carpe Diem - Anthem of the Ancestors

A concert program that will introduce audiences to the first musical work ever composed for string quartet and Native American Flute, in collaboration with Native American musician and storyteller Leon Joseph Littlebird. Incorporating Native American storytelling, dance (choreographed and performed by members of the Columbus Dance Theatre), and multi-media elements, the concert program will narrate the history of the first peoples from a personal Native perspective.

CATCO - CATCO's Production of STAR WARS: VERILY A NEW HOPE, with support by PNC Arts Alive

An innovative program combining Star Wars and Shakespeare for young audiences. This blended drama highlights the universality of the Star Wars tales using bits and pieces from famous Shakespeare plays, all in blank verse. This program will celebrate the Shakespeare and Star Wars legacies with workshops for children and free performances that welcome the whole community.

Columbus Museum of Art - Free Sundays presented by PNC Arts Alive

The highly successful CMA Free Sundays program offers free admission that increases museum accessibility for diverse audiences. In 2015 CMA welcomed more than 81,000 visitors on free Sundays - a figure that accounts for more than 40 percent of the organization's annual attendance. Opening the Margaret M. Walter Wing in October 2015 has provided a larger, livelier, more experiential space highlighting the collections while creating new opportunities for inspiration, exploration and shared memories among all visitors. Enhanced programming will include social media elements whereby visitors can share an ongoing narrative highlighting their museum experiences.

New Albany Symphony - "Saturday at the Symphony" presented by PNC Arts Alive

Four unique one-hour matinee performances tailored for a sensory-friendly audience. The concerts will be open to everyone, however, the series is designed for families with young children, those on the autism spectrum and individuals with Alzheimer's/dementia.

Pizzuti Collection - Pacesetters After Hours presented by PNC Arts Alive

To expand the successful Pacesetters After Hours program to include the Social Classroom which offers a curated look at the exhibition with bi-weekly posts, and members learn and interact as a Facebook group prior to attending the After Hours event. The aim is to increase technologies that will amplify the conversation and increase access.

ProMusica - ProMusica presents "Naked Classics"

A multimedia concert experience designed to educate audiences, promote accessibility and break down the barriers of enjoying classical music. These unique concerts break down musical concepts to promote better understanding of the orchestra while dissecting the story behind the piece being performed. The first half of the concert will introduce the piece through digital projection, live musical excerpts from the orchestra and interviews with the performers on stage, completely deconstructing the composition. In the second half, the piece is performed in its entirety, with audiences now having new insight into the work.

Central Ohio Symphony - Hear Ohio

A concert that will showcase the musical richness of Ohio composers and performers. The project will include audience participation in the concert and 4th graders becoming composers in a companion educational project.


Columbus Museum of Art - Free Sundays / New CMA Grand Opening Celebration, presented by PNC Arts Alive

The highly successful CMA Free Sundays program will continue and be combined with the New CMA Grand Opening Celebration, as free admission offerings that increase accessibility to the Museum for diverse audiences. In 2014, Free Sundays served 71,000+ visitors. The Grand Opening celebration will offer the community the very best of CMA. Visitors will be invited to explore new spaces, converse with costumed artists represented in the galleries and hear about their creative processes, and practice their own creativity.

Columbus Symphony Orchestra - CSO Community Engagement Concerts, presented by PNC Arts Alive

Engagement Concerts include the Happy Hour with the CSO series of free concerts and a new series of Access Concerts. Happy Hour concerts make live performances of symphonic masterworks accessible to everyone and include complimentary appetizers and social/networking opportunities. Access Concerts go a step beyond, introducing people with little or no experience with classical music to some of the most popular works in the orchestral repertoire, in a creative, innovative and highly accessible format with onstage commentary, interactive discussion, and themed refreshments at intermission. Both concerts are designed to appeal to Gen X and Millennial audiences.

Decorative Arts Center - "An Ohio Childhood" - presented by PNC Arts Alive

"An Ohio Childhood" is an exhibition of images and objects made for children in Ohio from 1830 to the present. Visitors will be able to sample a variety of masterwork paintings, sculpture, studio and amateur photographs, textiles, clothing, furniture, toys and art materials by Ohio artists and manufacturers. In the galleries, iPads on stands will be cued to specific objects, such as the world's first coloring book, created in Cleveland in 1930. The interactive iPads will contain additional information and discussion questions to excite technology-savvy young people.

Franklin Park Conservatory - Origami in the Garden

An exhibition that will tell the story of folded paper art through a collection of monumental, metal sculptures located throughout the plant biomes and interior courtyards. Each of these sculptures starts out as a paper sculpture and then is cast in metal using a special process developed by artist Kevin Box. This exhibition is a celebration of collaboration with additional paper sculptures created by world-renowned physicist, mathematician and master origami artist Dr. Robert Lang, origami artist Te Jui Fu, and papermakers Michael Lafosse and Richard Alexander. In addition to the world-class art, complementary garden vignettes will celebrate Japanese and Asian garden design. Weekend programming will teach visitors how to make simple origami sculptures while exploring aspects of Asian culture such as the tea ceremony.

McConnell Arts Center - PNC Arts Alive MAC Summer Music Festival

Six free concerts (two per day) are planned to take place on the lawn of the MAC. The events will take place in June (10,11,12) in conjunction with the Worthington Arts Festival and present all local talent. In addition to the concerts, Chautauqua style, free workshops and musically inspired experiences will take place during the day.

Pizzuti Collection - Pacesetters After Hours presented by PNC Arts Alive

Pacesetters After Hours is a series of casual, after-work events with music, food and craft cocktails on the first Thursday of each month in 2016. These events will be established to build a vibrant group of contemporary art enthusiasts who want to connect with art and each other in a meaningful way. This community engagement at the Pacesetters will consist of a schedule of programs including social events, educational lectures and tours, and art-inspired excursions. Pacesetters After Hours will become a social laboratory, where engagement and access are entry points to cultural enrichment for a new generation of Columbus residents.

Shadowbox Live - Gallery of Echoes: Columbus Public Art Experience presented by PNC Arts Alive

Gallery of Echoes: Columbus Public Art Experience is an expansion of the original artistic concept used to create the unique "meta-media" genre, Gallery of Echoes. Partnering with Greater Columbus Arts Council, Shadowbox Live will curate and fund the work of 20 local artists for the creation of a multi-disciplinary Gallery of Echoes style performance which will include public art experiences and will premiere during the 2016 Columbus Arts Festival. The artworks will be on display at the Festival with three performances of the show, "Gallery of Echoes: Columbus Public Art Experience," in the festival area. After the Festival, the art will be moved to approved locations throughout the city and "pop-up performances" will take place wherever this public art is installed.

Short North Stage - August Wilson: Creativity and the Four B's, presented by PNC Arts Alive

The August Wilson prorgams consist of a year-long experiential/artistic exercise of drama, music/dance, storytelling and the visual arts. The project will explore focus on August Wilson's work and the "Four Bs" - the blues (music), Jorge Louis Borge (storytelling), Amiri Baraka (play writing with a political edge) and Romare Bearden (visual arts/collage). These elements animated and guided August Wilson's work.


Carpe Diem String Quartet

East Meets West, presented by PNC Arts Alive, celebrates the rich heritage of Asia with a festival featuring the musical, visual and culinary arts of China and Japan. There will be a display of kimonos, a performance by the Sakura Koto Group, and a discussion of the Traditional Chinese medicinal practice of acupuncture. Chinese and Japanese teas and a variety of Asian food will be served by ZenCha Tea Salon. The musical program features performances of Tan Dun’s dramatic and theatrical “Ghost Opera,” Toru Takemitsu’s atmospheric “Landscape” and the Debussy String Quartet, presented as a marriage of music and visual arts.

The Central Ohio Symphony

Music featuring sounds of nature will be the theme for this concert and related projects. The concert will be the U.S. premiere of “The Great Animal Orchestra” for orchestra and wild soundscapes by British composer Richard Blackford. Also on the program: “The Bird Nest” for percussion instruments and iPads that produce natural and programmed sounds; “The Moldau,” a classical work about the river in Europe; and “Pines of Rome,” a dramatic work that includes recordings of birds.

Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Happy Hour with the CSO, presented by PNC Arts Alive, is a series of free after-work concerts in the Ohio Theatre, preceded by complimentary appetizers and a cash bar. Targeted to attract those who have never attended a CSO concert -- with a focus on young professionals -- Happy Hour concerts make live performances of symphonic masterworks accessible to everyone.

Dublin Arts Council

Sculptor Alfred Tibor, 94, is a central Ohio treasure. Surviving the Holocaust -- as a Russian POW and numerous other atrocities -- he has emerged as a positive, gentle soul with the desire to spread his message “Hatred Doesn’t Work.” Dublin Arts Council will develop a 10-month project around Tibor’s work. Alfred Tibor: Hatred Doesn’t Work will serve as an initial project in a series of social justice-focused programming.

King Arts Complex

KAC will present two music events with national artists, pianist Aaron Diehl; vocalist Cecile Salvant; violinist Humble G; along with local artists to engage the underserved disabled community and the community at large. Using technology to augment activities, we will engage Deaf School and Blind School students in the creation and/or development of a performance piece for their schools. KAC will live stream residencies and/or workshops throughout PNC’s region as a means of delivering arts programming of these nationally recognized artists and local artists to an expanded audience.

Opera Columbus

Opera Columbus Undercover is a new audience development initiative that will offer “surprise” opera experiences in completely unexpected circumstances, including restaurants, stores and shopping malls. For these “opera flash-mobs,” singers will go undercover at a pre-arranged location, posing as customers, servers, clerks, etc. until they emerge from their surroundings to perform a brief operatic selection, such as “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici” (brindisi) from Verdi’s La Traviata. These surprise performances will delight people across Columbus with unique, free opera experiences, demonstrating opera as an accessible and fun artform, and raising visibility and awareness for Opera Columbus.

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra and Franklin Park Conservatory plan to renew their collaboration to present a three-concert summer series in 2015. The 2015 series will take on the form of a mini-chamber music festival, condensing performances into a 1-2 week timeframe. ProMusica plans to program additional free performances throughout the festival weeks of duets, trios and quartets at new and unexpected venues throughout the city, providing new opportunities for marketing of the series, as well as expanding their reach to new audiences.

Shadowbox Live

Shadowbox artistic director, Stev Guyer, will collaborate with Hiromi Sakamoto to create an original, modern production of the traditional Japanese Kabuki folk art tale, A Castle Story. Mr. Sakamoto is a choreographer and professor at Osaka University of the Arts. Audiences will experience a multi-sensory production featuring live anime’, magic, giant puppets, movable sets and supernatural sensations, accompanied by an original rock score performed by Shadowbox’s professional musicians.

Westerville Symphony

PNC Presents Gavin George – Live on Your Screen is an innovative program that creates an inviting and interactive environment for patrons to experience symphonic music while providing easy access to the concert material through technology. The featured artist, Gavin George, is a young piano prodigy from Newark, Ohio. Gavin’s performance of a piano concerto will be streamed live on the Internet, increasing the scope of potential listeners to include those who are bedridden or unable to attend a concert in person, including Gavin’s fans in faraway places.


Columbus Gay Men's Chorus - Family Ties - Presented by PNC Arts Alive

In partnership with BalletMet and a local theatre director, Columbus Gay Men's Chorus (CGMC) will incorporate a traditional theatrical component to a concert by blending music, dance and drama/theatre. CGMC will collaborate with BalletMet for the production of "Group Therapy" and local actors for "Alexander's House"

Columbus Museum of Art - CMA Free Sundays, presented by PNC Arts Alive

The Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) will continue to offer free Sundays in 2014 to increase accessibility to broad and diverse audiences. Free Sundays have served more than 60,000 visitors of all ages, nearly 35% of annual CMA attendance. Free Sundays is the Museum's commitment to increasing its public value by encouraging lifelong learning while fostering the important 21st century skills of creativity, imagination, critical thinking and innovation.

Columbus Symphony Orchestra - Columbus Symphony Simulcasts, powered by PNC Arts Alive

The CSO will present Symphony Simulcasts, powered by PNC Arts Alive, a unique audience engagement program linked with two major concerts; May 9, 2014 - Carmen, in collaboration with Opera Columbus and featuring Columbus Children's Choir and September/October 2014 (date TBD) Repertoire TBD; will be comparable to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony . The community at large will be invited to watch the concert simulcast on large LED screens on the lawn of downtown's Columbus Commons.

Lancaster Festival, Inc. - "Fantasia Live In Concert" funding provided by PNC Arts Alive

"Fantasia Live In Concert" presents a live screening of the Disney films "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2000" by the Lancaster Festival Orchestra, with additional performances by dancer from BalletMet and Wabisabi, singers and guest narrators.

New Albany Symphony - PNC presents: "Short Ride on a Fast Machine"

PNC Presents: "Short Ride on a Fast Machine" is a multi-media performance geared towards the hard-to-reach younger generation and the hearing-impaired community. John Adams' "Short Ride On a Fast machine," will be set to a laser light show to accentuate the percussiveness of the music. A balloon will be handed out so guests may feel the vibrations of the repetitive rhythmic pulsations in the music. A dramatic sign language interpretation will complement the live music experience.

Opera Columbus - PNC Arts Alive Opera on the Edge Touring Program

The PNC Arts Alive Opera on the Edge touring program will expand the highly successful Opera Cabaret performance/outreach program, with the goal of engaging new, diverse audiences for opera by introducing the art form to young people in central Ohio, by bringing performances directly to their schools and campuses. This program will feature two touring versions of Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow, one 60 minutes in length and the other only 20 minutes. The program will again be produced in collaboration with Shadowbox Live and staged in their Backstage Bistro.

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra - ProMusica Summer Music Series at Franklin Park Conservatory

A three concert summer series in collaboration with Franklin Park Conservatory. Utilizing the West Terrace and stunning James Turrell light installation as its backdrop, ProMusica will perform audience-friendly "light classic,' designed to appeal to a broad audience.

Shadowbox - Gallery of Echoes presented by PNC Arts Alive

Shadowbox is collaborating with Columbus Museum of Art to create Gallery of Echoes, a multi-media performance, education and audience development event. Twenty-two of the CMA's notable works - painting, sculpture, prints and photography ranging from 18th and 19th century masters to today's leading visionaries - have been chosen for Gallery of Echoes. As each of the 22 images are projected on-stage, Shadowbox musicians, dancers, and actors will ignite the spark - exploring through music, movement and words each artist's circumstances that spurred the creative output.


CAPA - PNC Arts Alive All Access

CAPA is currently offering $5 tickets to make arts performances and exhibits accessible and affordable for visitors ages 13-25. The funding will allow continuation of the previously-funded ticket subsidy program.

Carpe Diem String Quartet - eStage

Carpe Diem eStage is an innovative new way of using internet technology to stream live broadcasts of musical performances. Carpe Diem eStage will produce eight programs in 2013, radically increasing the number of people exposed to live performances of music. The live webcasts can be viewed for free on the Carpe Diem website and all schools in the state of Ohio will be notified of the performances.

CATCO-Phoenix - "Shakespeare 4.0"

CATCO-Phoenix will be producing "Shakespeare 4.0," a touring production targeting underserved middle and high school students from January through June 2013. Through abbreviated adaptations of Shakespeare plays, this innovative program will help students get excited about Shakespeare. Study guides for teachers and students will be available, along with a Facebook page and special Twitter handle to provide a platform for student dialogue on the arts.

Columbus Dance Theatre - "Cleopatra"

The Columbus Dance Theatre will offer a special day and time free of charge of the premiere production of "Cleopatra" for students from English classes to study the play. The new rendition of "Cleopatra," which re-imagines her place in history through the lens of our post-modern society, is a dynamic convergence of dance, theatre, music and video.

Columbus Gay Men's Chorus - "Motown in Our Town"

The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus (CGMC) will produce a concert series titled, "Motown in Our Town" in June 2013. The project will include engaging the King-Lincoln District residents and underserved residents of the near east side of Columbus by offering complimentary tickets to the performances. In addition, CGMC will host a panel discussion after the Sunday matinee to discuss the role the performing arts have played in the African American community, among other topics.

Columbus Museum of Art - Free Sundays

The Columbus Museum of Art will continue to offer free Sundays in 2013 to increase accessibility to broad and diverse audiences. In 2011, free Sundays served more than 61,000 visitors of all ages. Free Sundays is the Museum's commitment to increasing its public value by encouraging lifelong learning while fostering the important 21st century skills of creativity, imagination, critical thinking and innovation.

Decorative Arts Center - "Gorgeous Threads: A World of Textiles"

The Decorative Arts Center will present "Gorgeous Threads: A World of Textiles" between May 4 and September 1, 2013. The exhibition will engage new audiences with an installation of exceptional textiles from around the globe and will be accompanied by family activities, lectures, art classes, live music and an exhibition catalog.

Delaware County Cultural Arts Center - "The Arts Castle Goes Green"

The Delaware County Cultural Arts Center will offer a year-long program promoting sustainability and conservation entitled, "The Arts Castle Goes Green, Presented by PNC." Through a series of free- or reduced-price classes, workshops and special events, The Castle will use art to convey the importance of developing an awareness and appreciation of the environment.

Mad River Theater Works - "Farm to Table"

Mad River Theater Works will produce a multi-media performance that will tell the cultural and scientific history of food production. The musical will explore the journey of food in our world, beginning with small family farms and arriving at the large scale industrial agriculture centers that are the primary source of food in American homes today.

New Albany Symphony - "Shall We Dance?"

New Albany Symphony will present "Shall We Dance?" a high-energy production combining the vibrant rhythms of Latin American music with the moves of Latin American dance. The concert includes professional Latin dancers in a "Dancing with the Stars" format. The professional dancer and non-professional partner will show off their skills and authentic Latin costume during the live on-stage performance with the 100-piece New Albany Symphony Orchestra and guest percussionists on February 10, 2013.

Opera Columbus - Opera Cabaret

Opera Columbus' Opera Cabaret will debut in the fall 2012 and feature young artists performing English adaptations of classic operas in casual settings around Columbus, including restaurants, bars, cafés and similar venues. The performances will provide an introduction to the opera to those who may not be inclined to attend a traditional opera performance.

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra - "Thurber's Dogs" Curriculum

ProMusica and Thurber House will develop an in-school curriculum around "Thurber's Dogs," targeting two elementary school classes. This curriculum will combine elements of live music, creative writing, cartooning, historical information on James Thurber and free tickets for the students and their families to see the ProMusica production of "Thurber's Dogs."

Zanesville Museum of Art - Musical Color

The Zanesville Museum of Art will produce four free public programs at its galleries and museum grounds to showcase the relationship between visual and musical arts. The showcase will take place between April and September 2013.



New PNC Arts Alive All Access: Continuation and expansion of this multi-disciplinary initiative beyond 18 years old, to reach a slightly older demographic of college-age, young graduates and young workers. This program will provide $5 tickets for young people ages 13-25 to make arts performances and exhibits accessible and affordable.

Carpe Diem String Quartet

PNC Arts Alive Presents A Persian Musical Feast: This event will consist of 3 evening concerts, 1 afternoon concert designed for children and four days of concerts at eight central Ohio schools. Each concert will involve Iranian musicians, dancers and poets who will perform before and during the concerts. Persian and Iranian food will be provided at all concerts to provide attendees opportunities to further explore the culture. A DVD of the concert will be recorded, produced and distributed free of charge to central Ohio schools and libraries.


PNC Arts Alive's From Page to Stage--THE RUBENSTEIN KISS: The US premiere of The Rubenstein Kiss with a residency by the playwright and expanded education elements for the public. The play was inspired by the true story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were tried and executed in 1953 for passing secrets to the Soviet Union. The project will open up the process of creating and producing theatre by using social media to provide glimpses of the process from printed page to stage.

Columbus Children's Choir

KENTE: A collaborative project between Columbus Children's Theatre, Thiossane West African Dance Institute, Thurber House and the Columbus Children's Choir. The project, Kente, is named for the African cloth identified by its multicolored, woven patterns of geometric shapes and bold designs. The project will showcase a variety of West Africans folktales interpreted through dance, drama and song. Thurber House will host a week long residency with Dr. Offodile where he will teach a class on folktales and their importance as living history. Students will write their own stories and receive a bound copy of their folktales at a reception for Dr. Offodile.

Columbus Symphony Orchestra

PNC Arts Alive Concerts for Kids: The series presents musical adventures for children (ages 2-10) and their families with pre-concert music, learning and fun activities. Pre-concert activities will include - meet the animals from Ohio Wildlife Center, make a musical craft with the Columbus Museum of Art, see/hear live harp performances, try out a musical instrument "petting zoo" from the Loft Violin Shop and Music and Arts Centers, learn to conduct with Symphony musicians, choose a tattoo, dance/sing with WeJoySing and college music students.

Decorative Arts Center

Appalachian Strings: The Instruments, Their Makers, The Music -- Presented by PNC Arts Alive: An exhibition of dulcimers, banjos, fiddles, guitars and mandolins accompanied by family activities, lectures, art classes, live music and an exhibition catalog. The goal of the project is to generate a heightened understanding and appreciation of the instrumental roots of American music with an emphasis placed on instruments with a folk art or self-taught quality to their design, reflecting the intense desire of the human spirit to create music, even in poverty.

McConnell Arts Center

PNC Arts Alive Worthington-Sayama Arts Exchange: A juried joint art exhibit by the MAC and Sayama Citizen Art Society. The MAC exhibit will be shown at the Civic Hall in Sayama, Japan while the Sayama citizens' art will be exhibited at the MAC in Worthington, OH. Representatives from the respective countries will accompany their exhibits and assist in the installation, attend a reception and present 2-3 lectures on the art process, their culture and historical perspective. The project will be documented in print, video and virtual media and made available to schools or other educational venues as classroom materials.

New Albany Symphony

PNC Presents: Portraits of a Columbus Bicentennial: A multi-disciplinary effort to produce a staged performance, combining several arts mediums centered around Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring and Lincoln Portrait. Mayor Coleman will narrate Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address while the symphony plays Lincoln Portrait. Photography by local high school students will be projected above the orchestra during the performance of Appalachian Spring. The students will be asked to capture Lincoln's ideals at work set against the backdrop of everyday Columbus landmarks. Two concerts will be performed one at the McCoy Community Center another at a local high school.

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra

PNC Arts Alive presents: ProMusica at Franklin Park Summer Concert Series: A three concert summer series performed on the grounds of the Franklin Park Conservatory. The projects will engage diverse audiences with a particular focus on reaching residents in the urban, near East Side neighborhoods surrounding Franklin Park. Prior to each concert hands-on activities will be provided for children incorporating nature, music and art, and with access to educational resources such as the Community Garden Campus and endless plantings of hundreds of species.

The Central Ohio Symphony

Astronomical Pictures at an Exhibition presented by PNC Arts Alive: The project will be a performance of Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky/Ravel accompanied by an award-winning projection video created by Astronomer Jose Francisco Salgado who will be in attendance. The video has been carefully synchronized to the score. Also on the program is the US premiere of Prometheus Rapture by Columbus composer Sean Beeson and soloist Jeff Queen. Completing the program will be Clint Needham's Legacies and Ravel's La Valse.

The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project Spring 2012: A collaborative project between the Harmony Project and Jazz Arts Group to present "Lifting Every Voice: A Concert to End Homelessness". The concert will be held in the Lincoln Theatre. During the ten week rehearsal phase, the choir will meet to rehearse and participate in designated community service activities.

The Midland Theatre

PNC Arts Alive Presents S.T.E.M. On Stage: A collaborative project between the Midland and the Newark school system to develop three 40 minute live stage performances bringing S.T.E.M. curriculum to life by characters in a story. The performances will be digitally stored on a sever for later streaming availability and editing to DVD.

The Westerville Symphony

Daniel Bernard Roumain residency with the Westerville Symphony, funding provided by PNC Arts Alive: A residency for Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) a young Haitian-American violinist with an eclectic background. During the residency DBR will lead masterclasses at Otterbein, lead workshops at Westerville schools and perform an informal concert for adults titled "Hip Hop Studies and Etudes".



CAPA will help arts groups reach teenagers, an audience that is notoriously difficult to reach but critical for the future by offering $5 tickets for teenagers age 13 through 17 to make arts performances and exhibits accessible and affordable. More than 20 arts organizations will participate, ranging from large institutions like BalletMet, to small groups like Six Strings Concerts.

Carpe Diem String Quartet

Through "PNC Arts Alive presents Music from the Start," Carpe Diem will develop tailored programs for the three-to-five year-olds, working with teachers and staff of the Head Start program in Franklin County. A videographer will be at many of these school visits, and will produce an interactive DVD that can be distributed to schools in low-to-moderate income geographies.


CATCO-Phoenix will produce a series of 10 free staged play readings in collaboration with three emerging theatre companies: Whistling in the Dark, Evolution Theatre Company and Available Light Theatre as part of "PNC on Stage." To encourage audience comments, patrons' tweets (Twitter postings) will be displayed on a screen behind the actors in real-time. Twitter users not in attendance who read the comments will become interested in the series and help build the audience.

Columbus Gay Men's Chorus

A collaboration between Columbus Gay Men's Choir, Columbus Children's Choir and Promusica Chamber Orchestra to present "Musicians in Harmony" at the historic Lincoln Theatre, this program combines three diverse arts groups into one project to give each group's unique audience the chance to gain awareness and appreciation of new art forms.

Columbus Museum of Art

The "PNC Summer Fun Initiative" will offer Central Ohio residents free admission and a wealth of rich art experiences daily throughout July and August of 2011. Programs include: "Surprise Supplies Saturdays," "Creative Fridays," "Make Art!" every Tuesday, "Community Capers" every Thursday, "Drawing in the Galleries" experiences, and musical performances every Sunday. Most activities will be mediated by trained staff to deepen and enrich the visitor experience.

Mad River Theater Works

Mad River Theatre Works will create "The Living WPA: A Play with Music" based on the Living Newspaper, a genre of theater developed by the Federal Theater Project of the 1930's, to deliver local news to more regional and national audiences by creating plays and radio pieces taken from real-life stories. The Living WPA project will be a multi-media performance presenting stories of the people and places of rural Ohio. Topics will include the Great Depression and the New Deal and how it affected families of rural Ohio.


Shadow Box and BalletMet are creating "Make It Live!" as an audience development and education component of their collaboration to create a full-length World Premier of "7 Deadly Sins," combining the seemingly opposite qualities of rock-n-roll and ballet. Seven choreographers are being commissioned by BalletMet to create movement for each "sin," set to music performed by Shadowbox's house band, BillWho? The Make It Live! component will include extensive video-documentation of the creative process, made available with live streams and with widespread promotion and access via webs sites and social media.

The Arts Castle of Delaware

The PNC Arts Alive Exhibition Series will present a series of at least seven free public arts shows showcasing the work of both local professional and amateur artists. It also will include the annual Delaware County High School Art Show, offering financial awards to students.

The King Arts Complex

"Jazz on the Avenue" is a concert series that showcases musical talent in traditional jazz and other musical forms influenced by jazz. The series exposes middle school to college age students to musicians in settings other than traditional concerts: online and live-performance, long-distance learning opportunities, lecture/demonstrations of instruments and vocalization techniques.

The Lancaster Festival

The PiNoCchio Ballet project will combine outstanding professional musicians, dancers, costume and design artists and production personnel in the creative process of a new work with some of the most promising student musicians, dancers and artists in central Ohio. Professional dancers from BalletMet will be featured as well as gifted student dancers from the BalletMet school and other area dance academies. Student visual and design artists will work with professional costume and set designers.

The Midland Theatre

The Virtual Music Workshop will create a multi-media performance of Holst's "The Planets" in collaboration with the Newark Granville Symphony Orchestra. Narration for the performance, including interview with scientific experts on each of the planets, will be integrated into the concert. Educational opportunities will be extended through live internet streaming and satellite feeds. Digital recordings of these activities will be made available to school libraries for later use.

The Westerville Symphony

The "Tunes and Tales" program pairs classic children's books with classical music. Concerts are presented, free of charge, for children ages two through eight at the Westerville, Worthington, Columbus Main and the Karl Road branch libraries. The concerts will be recorded and broadcast on the Symphony and Library's web sites as a podcast. Participating families will receive one book per family to encourage them to revisit the podcast and recreate the concert experience at home.

Zanesville Museum of Art

The "Art Watch" project will engage contemporary Ohio artists to present open commentary on works of art from the past and recreate the work in their own style. Each day will focus on a different medium, including pottery, glass, original prints, and quilts/fiber. Visitors will be invited to view, interact and create their own art and to photograph and comment with their favorite social media. "Art Watch" will be process-oriented, personal and participatory, as well as viewable through real-time video and audio shared through the internet.